Buy Side Club Dinner – 24th March

Buy Side Club Dinner – 24th March

  • Location:Central London
  • Venue:St James' Hotel & Club
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

About the Event

Following the huge success of the Buy Side Club’s last dinner discussion in November, the club is once again coming together on the 24th of March in the St. James’s Hotel & Club. This will be an exclusive gathering bringing together COOs, CFOs and senior executives from a select group of asset managers. The club provides a superb opportunity for those invited to network with senior peers in an environment which is informal, yet confidential.


The Discussion

We’ll once again be joined by our Chair, Andrew Simpson, an expert in market structure and regulation. Andrew will be supported by Peter Randall former CEO of Chi-x and Equiduct, who is a specialist in electronic trading and cyber security. This time the club will be seeking to answer the question: Where will the next financial crisis come from? Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan has predicted that we can expect a financial crisis every 5-7 years. If he’s right, we can expect a new crisis very soon. We want to bring a select group of leading asset managers together to discuss where such a crisis could come from, and what we can do now to mitigate its effects. We’ve identified three key areas that could lead to future turmoil:


1. Increased Volatility in the Market

In recent months, we have seen enormous volatility in the wider market – China’s growth is slowing, the price of oil is in freefall, and the Swiss National Bank has removed the franc’s cap against the Euro.  Furthermore, big changes seem to be still ahead of us – Europe is entering deflation, will the ECB’s announced bout of quantitative easing be enough to reassure the markets?

Will a satisfactory agreement be found between Greece’s newly elected government and their creditors? Which of these presents the greatest risk to the health of financial markets? Are any likely to drive us towards a new financial crisis, and if so, is there anything we can do about it?


2. Fallout from the Election

On the 7th of May voters in the UK will go to the polls to choose between a Labour or Conservative led government.Both major parties have promised a referendum on EU membership.

What would the effects of a vote to leave Europe be? Would it leave London’s financial centre isolated and starved of capital? Or will the freedom from constrictive EU regulation give the financial sector a new lease of life.


3. Risks to Security

In 2013, the twitter account of Associated Press was hacked. The hacker tweeted that there had been two explosions at the white house, and that Obama had been injured. This led to a drop in the Dow Jones of 150 points. More recently, we have seen the biggest cyber-attack in history on Sony.

Is cyber security a major driver of financial stability? With increasingly dangerous cyber-attacks happening every year, what can asset managers do to insulate themselves and their investors from these risks?


Will existing regulation be sufficient to avoid these threats? Or is regulating for past crises not going to help us prevent those of the future?


COR Financial are once again supporting the Buy Side Club and have agreed to cover the costs of the dinner and reasonable travel expenses.

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