Hidden Edge Club: Public Sector Insight Dinner

Hidden Edge Club: Public Sector Insight Dinner

  • Location:Mayfair
  • Venue:St. James's Hotel & Club
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

The public sector stand to save £16-33 billion per annum (Policy Exchange) if they can optimise performance, and yet sector-wide investment in providing the insight to drive operational efficiency is still remarkably low. With the recent Public Sector Efficiency Challenge making the headlines, all eyes are currently fixed on the government as it takes on its oxymoronic challenge – providing consistently better services, at ever decreasing cost.

There is already growing evidence of the power of intelligence for optimising public sector efficiencies. The British Army has been able to save and realign £770 million from an enhanced personnel distribution initiative, combining data on skills and capabilities of individuals into insight dashboards that helps to redistribute personnel for more effective management. This is merely the tip of the ice-berg, with HMRC expecting to see £7 billion return on their £917 million investment to tackle tax evasion.

And yet, most cost-cutting initiatives remain focused on finding short-term solutions.

So why aren’t we seeing more public sector investment in redefining long-term operational efficiencies?

This will be at the heart of the upcoming Hidden Edge Club round-table discussion, on the 13th October, on this occasion, exclusively welcoming the Public Sector, touching on such questions as:

  • How can we harness insight to help drive performance optimisation and identify the right projects for future investment?
  • Why has investment in long-term insight based solutions been so sporadic compared to the Private sector?
  • What lessons can we learn from the successes and failings in this area of our Private sector counterparts?

As with all our events, discussion at our October dinner will be strategic, collaborative and confidential.  in addressing how we can harness insight to help drive operational efficiency, and explore why the uptake has been slow compared to the Private sector.

We’ll be bringing together around 16 senior public sector professionals to look at what we can learn from our corporate counterparts and their mistakes and successes in this arena to determine best practice.


About the Event

Join the Hidden Edge Club for our next vibrant Public Sector evening on 13th October at St. James’ Hotel & Club – Mayfair’s most exquisite private dining location. This will be an exclusive gathering bringing together senior public sector professionals to look at what we can learn from our corporate counterparts in the performance optimisation and cost-cutting spheres.

If you’re not already familiar, the Hidden Edge Club is an independent network of senior decision makers united by the desire to leverage the power of information to drive greater efficiency, growth and competitiveness. The club operates in both the public and private sectors, so has a unique vantage point across all industries and a wealth of best practice to share. For the past 3 years we have brought together strategic leaders to explore key issues facing their organisations at discrete dinner locations across London.



6:30pm: Welcome Drinks Reception & Introductions

7:15pm: Strategic Discussion: Harnessing Insight in the Public Sector: Optimising Efficiencies & Cutting Costs

8:00pm: Dinner service over open discussion

9:30pm: Carriages

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Given the relevancy of the topic and the high demand for places at other recent events we anticipate the dinner will fill quickly, it is therefore advised to register your attendance using the form below as early as possible to avoid disappointment.