IT Innovators Club

IT Innovators Club

  • Location:London, United Kingdon
  • Venue:Haymarket Hotel
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

Join us on the 2nd of July for an exclusive dinner discussion at the Haymarket Hotel, where the IT Innovators Club will hosting its mid-year gathering. The event will see the coming together of sixteen IT Directors and CIOs to discuss the ever changing role of IT within large scale enterprises, and the best ways to manage the increasing demands that are being placed on the department. Richard Inman, MD of Technology, at Bank of America will be chairing the discussion on the evening. With a background in financial services and big four consulting, Richard has been managing major IT change for the majority of his career. He is a leading authority in the space and will be sharing his perspective on large-scale enterprise innovation with the club.

Technological advancements bring increased expectations, both from senior management and consumers. The overriding demand is for the IT department to ‘do more with less’. However the consensus in many organisations is that there is still a gap in understanding between IT and the rest of the business, with IT rarely engaged in the formation of strategy and policy.

IT leaders have been sharing their approach to how IT can be made as relevant as possible for years: aligning tech strategies and investments with the board’s scorecard, and seeking the elusive first-mover advantages that technology can bring to the “truly aligned”.  However in practice most IT professionals don’t fully understand their businesses – the market, the competition, the finances, the customers, etc… Similarly executives in the business simply don’t know where to start when asked to integrate the tech planning process into their business strategy.

What steps can be taken by CIO’s to ensure that the IT department of the future is one that is fully integrated with the business? And conversely how can IT be encouraged to look at innovation from the point of view of the business, rather just the IT department? Perhaps now is the time for a new breed of technology leaders who are first and foremost entrepreneurs, COOs, marketers or CFOs and therefore able to visualise an all-inclusive future.

The second half of our discussion will focus on delivery: can your current infrastructure meet the demands of tomorrow’s workplace? With new higher standards demanding 100% reliability, quality of service is now one of the most vital factors to success. How can CIOs ensure they meet the modern demands of their businesses, do they look towards external service providers able to provide the necessary solutions and services, or is it best to work from the inside and focus on training and process improvements?

The event will commence at 18:30 with half an hour of networking drinks at the spectacular Pewter poolside bar. At 19:00 guests will move through to the luxurious Rocklin Room where the discussion will begin. Typically the discussions last one hour and will be followed by a five star, three course meal, over which our guests are free to relax, network, and enjoy the evening.

Places are strictly limited so act now to reserve your place. The event is free for selected guests thanks to the support of our sponsors Logicalis.