Snowbird Club

Snowbird Club

  • Location:London, United Kingdon
  • Venue:Haymarket Hotel
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

On February 11, 2001, seventeen IT innovators arrived at the Snowbird Resort in Utah hoping to discover the future of software processes. After two days of debate a consensus was reached that would redefine development methodology, these thoughts were published in the form of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

In a unified rejection of the heavyweight processes that dominated software development these IT pioneers looked towards new techniques; an approach that dramatically improved turnaround times, offered unrivaled flexibility and greatly improved scalability within the development cycle.

Thirteen years later and many IT departments are struggling to embrace the future, despite remaining under increasing pressure to improve their methods of development. These high expectations are particularly prominent in fast-paced sectors, where the regular release of high-quality, valuable applications is paramount in ensuring a business gains and maintains a competitive edge.

To discover how your business can see improved value in and better react to the agile methodology join us on July 23rd for our quarterly dinner-discussion. We will once again be meeting at the exclusive Haymarket Hotel; dubbed ‘a whole new definition of glamour’ by Vanity Fair this spectacular venue in the heart of London provides the perfect setting for the Snowbird Club’s forward thinkers to come together to continue their agile exploration.

Of course agile is not without its risks and challenges – such a dramatic methodical and cultural change cannot be made overnight and once implemented agile’s improper management has been known to further complicate and delay projects. Considerable effort must therefore be made before, during and after adoption to ensure the benefits of agile are appreciated throughout the business.

Debate will centre around three main topics:

Benefits – Business leaders are demanding new services that are faster and more flexible whilst simultaneously requesting fail safe solutions. Is agile the silver bullet for responding to these requests?

Risks – Confusion between development and operational teams is common and scaling the technique can be complex, additionally failure can be catastrophic, not just for those making the decisions, but also for the reputation of the business. What are the biggest risks associated with agile?  And how do you mitigate risks as you scale?

Implementation – What can be done to improve the chances of success? Should businesses invest in agile training to facilitate internal implementation, or are off-the-shelf solutions a more effective alternative?

Confirmed Guests include:
CTO – Financial Times
CTO – Ogilvy
CTO – Betfair
CTO – Phones4U
Global CTO – Aimia
Group IT Director – The Dune Group
Technical Director – Geometry Global
Digital Technology Director – HarperCollins
Digital Technology Director – Haymarket Media Group
Director of Technology – Global Radio
IT Director – Deluxe Media
IT Director – DCM
Head of Technology – Sky News
Head of Technology – Freestyle Interactive
Head of Application Development – Redbee Media
Head of IT – boohoo.com
Head of IT – 5One
Head of IT & Digital – Luther Pendragon

To accept the invitation please register using the eventbrite portal below. Alternatively email Oliver at oliver.fitz-gibbon@seraphsphere.com