The Change Makers Club: maintaining a competitive edge

The Change Makers Club: maintaining a competitive edge

  • Location:London
  • Venue:Manicomio
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

Increased competition, a lack of product differentiation and modern consumer empowerment have combined as a catalyst for aggressive transformation within the financial services industry. The new competitive battleground is found beyond traditional channels and those overlooking the necessity of change are rapidly stagnating. So how is your organisation gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving business climate? And what initiatives can be actioned to ensure you remain two steps ahead of the overpopulated middle ground?

Join the Change Makers Club on June 17th to find out. We are a group of senior business leaders who meet regularly and discretely across the capitals top dining locations to discuss and debate the road-maps to remaining at the helm of industry change. At our summer dinner-discussion we will be addressing three key areas of transformation often overlooked:

Customer Event Management (including Onboarding): In the financial services the closing of a sale is not the finishing line to winning new business: A new client’s satisfaction with the on-boarding process directly impacts their willingness to buy additional products and recommend the company. Modern technology has raised consumer expectation, especially when it comes to speed, with a recent KPMG report revealing that ‘89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor experience’.  How can firms create a comprehensive ability to manage multiple customer events more effectively?

Regulatory: On-going pressures to meet new and expanding financial regulations has dramatically added to operational complexity, businesses cannot afford to allow compliance to disrupt their. In order to remain competitive all processes must be as effective as possible, whilst providing flexibility to accommodate regulatory change. So how can a business ensure its processes accommodate the regulators and all other stakeholders without impacting on efficiency?

New Product Introductions: Focus on product differentiation is increasing and time to market is paramount. Cultures centring on rapid innovation are heavily dependent on enterprise collaboration; the benefits of a seamless integration strategy are consistently mirrored in increased market share, whilst delays often expose organisations to significant financial and reputational loss. But what is the road-map to total alignment?

We will be meeting at Manicomio, one of the City’s finest dining locations, on June 17th to discuss all of the above and much more. Attendance is strictly by invitation only and is of course free, due to the kind support of our club partners Appian.

Our summer meet is always very well attended and places are limited, therefore it is advised you register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.