The Ortus Club Dinner

The Ortus Club Dinner

  • Location:Central London
  • Venue:Haymarket Hotel
  • Length:06:30 pm – 09:30 pm

Are you wondering how you’ll keep up with the changing demands of your business in 2014? Are you seeking greater visibility within your organisation? Do you need fresh ideas to increase customer compliance and manage growth?

We will be exploring and debating these questions and more at The Ortus Club Dinner, 19th November, Haymarket Hotel, Central London.

As a senior decision maker within a software company, you have been personally invited to join us for an evening of topical discussion, great food, fine wine and finer company. Current guests include:

Chief Executive Officer -BullGuard
Chief Executive Officer – Flexiant
Chief Financial Officer- Caplin Systems
Chief Executive Officer – Graze
Chief Financial Officer – COR Financial Solutions
Vice President of Finance – 7Digital
Vice President of Finance – Workshare
Finance Director – Qubitproducts
Systems Transformation Consultant – Netbiscuits
Global Business Development – DueDil
Finance Director – Marmalade Technologies
Chief Financial Officer – BigHand
Chief Operations Officer – MooD International
Global Financial Controller – Alfresco Software
Chief Operations Officer – Assima
Managing Director – Mubaloo
Chief Executive Officer of Metals – Brady PLC
Chief Executive Officer – Transversal

Retaining visibility at the top of an organisation is key to a company’s growth and sustainability. Clear oversight of the company’s workings allows the managing team to make more informed and faster decisions.

The discussion will dive down to the root cause of why companies lose visibility as well a explore and debate the preventative measures that can be deployed. Our experienced chair, will tackle this in the context of the Software Industry and cover three main discussion points.

  •  Visibility in growth
  • Visibility in business model transformation
  • Visibility in compliance regulation

Growth – As organisations grow, many additional complications come to the fore. What worked for a 50 person organisation does not always work for a 500+ person organisation. More employees, more orders and much more data.

Business Model – Moving from a perpetual licensing model to subscription-based model has short-term and long-term financial implication for software vendors. How are software vendors managing this transition and what are these implications? We will be looking at what senior peers are currently doing to retain control and manage this transition fully as they adopt a SaaS based approach.

Compliance – Controlling compliance is crucial: 42% of end-users do not know when their licenses are up for renewal. Visibility not only enables software vendors to ensure customer compliance, but also presents an opportunity to pro-actively upsell and renew customer agreements. What are the latest techniques being deployed to regulate and enforce compliance?

If any one of these three points are relevant to you, or indeed you struggle to retain control and visibility over your software company, then you must attend this event. It’s a great opportunity to meet, network and get to the bottom of core business issues in an informal and unstructured discussion.

I look forward to welcoming you on the evening. If you have any queries please do reach out to me and I will be delighted to help you.

Best Regards, Sam

Samuel Adcock

Ortus Club Dinner

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